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 Post subject: Euphoria - Sesrep 3P
PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 1:48 am 
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Played yesterday of 2 - 3 players games of euphoria (PnP). A nice day indeed.

We decided to play the variant of restricted commodity and harsh/less harsh market classifications.

First game, with icarites.

As we learn the game for the first time, we just tried every action. I got wastelanders, one got the euphorian, and one got the icarites. As in every worker placement games, all 3 of us scraping for the 3rd and 4th worker as soon as possible. Spot are contested in generators and aqua-producer (forgot the name).

After that, due to the sheer options on the board, we just tried everything. Getting resources, advancing tunnels, advancing allegiances through producer (lower roll). At some point of time, I decided to start making the market, and another player jumps in. That starts the VP scraping part of the game. I got the super powerful recruit (for 3P game) that gives me an artifact each time I put a worker alone in the resource-producer. Plenty of VP got from putting 5 influence on wastelanders and euphoria (with market action and trading artifacts with influence). Other than that, I participated in 2 market building for 2 VPs, and close the game with final influence in wastelanders, progressing it to the most right, giving my 2 wastelanders recruit an influence each for 10 VPs. Life was good in dystopia-wastelanders.

One of the player tried to hog resources and trade it at icarites, progressing the icarites allegiance. The other player realized the VP generating action way too late. Overall, only 3 markets are built.

Second game, without icarites.

After we played the first game, we felt that the board was too sparse. Jamey was right that Icarites wasn't the original board game design. For 3 players game, I honestly think that removing Icarites is essential to keep the game tight. With 4 players, it depends on your mileage.

Basically, we just removed all Icarites resources, Icarites market, and Icarites recruit from the game. At the beginning of the game, I got 3 wastelanders, and 1 subterran. Only 2 recruits which I think is good enough in 3 player games. Both of them were wastelanders. Keeping 2 recruits of the same faction is RISKY (you have been warned). I keep 2 wastelanders, one of which played was the one giving me artifacts each time I put worker alone/highest knowledge in construction site).

As it was our second game (back-to-back) we all know what we're going for. Initial recruits were euphorian, subterran, and wastelanders (me). As usual, all players are scraping for elec/water and getting the third worker. Except me, the other players are getting the 4th worker. All players are planning for the 2-resources market build. I've missed (due to timing and lucky double roll of other players) 2 market, but I monopolied one of the market. I missed out 2 markets (max resource limit is 6 and only 1 worker in construction site --> VERY DETRIMENTAL). My market is only not able to decrease knowledge below start. THIS WHERE THINGS GO AWRY for me.

One of the player had 4 workers. Due to this limitation, instead of risking the worker over a roll, he DECIDED TO LEAVE THE 5-PIP WORKER on the FARM! Practically, blocking me from advancing the allegiance of wastelanders.

From there on, basically, everyone is putting influence on their respective factions (I got 4 on wastelanders, 1 was snatched), I managed to put 2 on the other factions. Afterwards, practically, each factions slots were already occupied. Starting then, all of the players are hogging resources to build market, and by double roll (AGAIN), I missed the 4th market, bringing my worker down to 2 (from 4).

At this point of time, one of the player had put 9 influence, had 2 artifacts, and an unopened agenda. The player just burn the book and end the game.

I was left with 3 more influence to put (7 VPs), with 3 void market participation, 2 blocked wastelanders recruit, and 1 sad player T_T.

Final Though and Comments

With 3 players and icarites, there was basically no contest on the board. Everyone can do whatever they want. Hog resource, put influence, construct market, etc etc. There is a lot of place to put influence (4 factions x 5) = 20 influence spot, 6 markets for 6 more spots, and 2 recruits + 1 agenda x 3 players, for a total of 35 spots. Or possibly, it was just our first play. But things were basically more.... free.

Without icarites, this game shows its FANGS. It punishes player that even neglect/just screws up one sequence of actions. You can be left out from market. Wasted resources due to no slots left for putting influence.

The game itself is simple. Put a worker, claim worker, or play agenda. The luck factor is small, usually even out during the game (each player usually get 2-3 doubles). However, this game is all about timing and sneaking out behind your unwary careless opponents. You have to always be on your toes.

I myself think that in higher player count, it will be much more difficult to progress allegiance as there will always be dice on the farm/generator/etc. One can always block by PUTTING HIS DIE on the spot. Nobody can bump it. There onward, you can only rely on progressing allegiance by using market action, without the VP (EXPENSIVE ACTION). Believe me, in this game, if you have double recruits of the same faction, your main priority is to progress allegiance until 4/5/6 less from the final space (depends on the number of influence spot available).

Other disadvantage of having double recruit is not having the privilege of additional resources from other faction towards the end of the game.

For the harsh/less harsh variant, I think it's a must unless you're leaning towards a swingy type game, where one can be locked out of CRUCIAL DETRIMENTAL condition for the rest of the game early.

I don't think that market and recruit are balanced for every player counts. One construction per market is harsh in lower player count, where you essentially need to put 2/3 worker on a harsh-construction site(if you start constructing, nobody will help you, thus wasting your action. If you don't start constructing, you might missed out if the timing is not right). The bumping out worker works great in higher player count due to more dice being placed, whereas mine (lone worker type recruit) works greatly in lower player count. For example, my recruit of getting one artifact everytime I placed a lone worker on generator/farm/aqualifyer is very powerful in 3P game.

Overall, a nice game indeed. Tight, simple game, with vast options on your turn.

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 Post subject: Re: Euphoria - Sesrep 3P
PostPosted: Mon May 27, 2013 3:56 am 
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