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 Post subject: Revolver 2
PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 3:41 pm 
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Sekuel dari Revolver, but it's stand alone game
REVOLVER 2 : Last Stand at Malpaso
Revolver 2: Last Stand at Malpaso is a two-player card game set in the Old West, in which one player takes the role of General Mapache and his band of thieving outlaws, and the other player controls the villagers and guardians hired to protect the town of Malpaso, led by the infamous Padre Esteban. Each player has a unique deck of cards with unique possibilities as well as different winning conditions, which requires different tactics and different methods of play.

More than just new locations, Revolver 2 features brand new gameplay elements in players can use a mine cart-mounted Gatling gun, blow up a bridge, assemble their own team of gunfighters, and dynamite mine tunnels. The game also includes a terrific Stud Po_ker mini-game which determines in which town the initial firefights occur.

Like the original Revolver, the game remains elegantly simple and can be learned in five minutes. That said, Revolver 2 is a standalone game and the cards from Revolver and its expansions (red packaging) are not interchangable with Revolver 2 and its expansions (green packaging).

So what the differences between Revolver and Revolver 2?
Here's the summary of similarities and differences between those two games taken from BGG

Similarities between Revolver and Revolver 2:
- a game for two players
- strong theme
- a battle between the good-guys and the bad-guys
- both players have an asymmetric deck of cards
- three types of cards: firepower, one-shot-effect and row-blocking cards
- three different win conditions: kill the whole gang/all Guardians, survive the last battlefield or remove all tokens from the Mexican border/arrival of the Mexican army card.

New in Revolver 2:
- The game starts with a mini-game: a game of bluff. Each player simultaneously plays a card. The highest cards wins. But a "cheat" card beats the highest cards (and a "you cheating dawg!" beats a "cheat" card).

- The cards played in this mini-game (the All Rivers Po_ker tourney) can change the starting conditions of the players (more defense power on a battlefield, an extra token on the Mexican border card or more cards in your starting hand).

- The game travels through 6 six battlefields. The last three battlefields tell the end of the story (the showdown in Malpaso). But the first three battlefields are determined by the winner of the po_ker tournament. If the good-guy wins the first three battlefields are relatively save (church, saloon and stables), but if the bad-guy wins the battlefields are different (cathouse, jail, drinking den). Both routes have a different number of rounds.

- The first three battlefields have optional turns: the good guys can decide to play an extra turn on a battlefield to gain more new Guardians (with the risk of making his opponent slightly stronger at the upcoming battlefields).

- The defense value of each battlefield count up to the firepower of the good guys.

- The good guys start with 7 Guardians (like the large number of bandits in Colty's gang). When the last Guardian (Padre Esteban) dies, they lose the game. During the first three battlefields the good guy can "hire" new Guardians each turn. Each new guardian is drawn from a deck and with a total of 12 Guardians in the game there are a lot of possibilities. Multiple Guardians have a new and different "if killed"-condition.

- Two battlefields have extra abilities: the bridge can be blown up by the good guys to remove all cards in the opposite column and in the mine both sides can use tricks: the good guys can blown up the mine in their turn (to remove all cards) and the bad guys can use the Gatling gun on a mine cart (a part of this battlefield) to take out Guardians.

- A third way to use cards (other than as "money" or action/firepower/row blocking card). Some cards bear the new icons powder keg or ammo and can be used for special actions at the bridge or the mine. The action of the (firepower of one-shot-effect) cards will be ignored.

Ada yang minat?
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 Post subject: Re: Revolver 2
PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:10 pm 
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Like this... but, nanti dl de, jajal yg revolver seri 1 dl, dengan expansion yg cukup banyak.

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