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 Post subject: Seeking playtesters for my card game
PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:20 pm 
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First, a couple of disclaimers:

1.This game is relatively big. The game consists of 180 cards, that I set in A4 pages, that gives roughly 20 pages to print and cut. I completely understand if this stops you, that's why I'm putting this upfront. I put some imageless cards to reduce your resource need, if you prefer.

2.All texts and images and layouts are still placeholder. Especially the images, which mostly just cliparts I snatched from google. The purpose of the image now is just to make each cards more easily differentiable. I want to fix the gameplay first before committing to the layout and images and text of the cards. I'm planning to draw the images myself later, if you're wondering. I graduated from art school, even if I'm not the best artist, I think I can draw some simple arts for this game.

Now that's out of the way.

Thank you for checking this thread.

I'm currently making a rather silly card game just for fun. It's based on a comic my friend once made. Basically, the story is, one day you're going to school, and alien invasion/zombie apocalypse/demonic incursion from hell happened, might or might not at the same time, and you decide to keep going to school anyway, since it's most probably the safest place around/you're just that diligent.

For now, as placeholder, I'll just call this game "Morning Adventure."

The gist of the gameplay is simple, you pick a card from event deck, and solve the event. The event might be a combat against enemies, an event that need a certain item/choice of item, timed event where you keep the event that buff/penalize you/will wound you if you don't have certain item until a few turn, etc. The event should have some sort of narrative in it, so the game will somewhat turn to a (silly) story. It's not a terribly strategic game, it's more a thematic/party game where you and your friends laugh at the things that happened in the game. There will be cooperation, backstabbing, and hidden objectives.

To compare it to other games, if you're into it, I guess I can say this as Munchkin meets Dead of Winters. Of course it's pretty different to those, it's just for easy comparison.

This game has been testplayed a bit with my friends, and tinkered a bit compared to the original, but now I need more testplayers.

Here's the rule if you'd like to check it first.

One day you're going to school, and alien invasion/zombie apocalypse/demonic incursion from hell happened, might or might not at the same time, and you decide to keep going to school anyway, since it's most probably the safest place around/you're just that diligent.

What you need to play:

- 18 Blue survivor cards. They're survivors without any special ability. Discard to Blue Survivor Graveyard.

- 11 Purple survivor cards. They're survivors with some sort of special ability. They're shuffled into Forage deck, and discarded into Forage trash pile.
- 53 Green Item/Interrupt card. Shuffle into Forage deck. Discard into Forage Graveyard.

- 55 Black Event cards. Shuffle into event pile and discard into event graveyard pile.
- 33 Red Enemy cards. Shuffle into event pile and discard into Event Graveyard pile.

-Secret objective cards.

-One six-sided die

-Some tokens to represent distance.

-Your hand consists of Item cards and Interrupt cards. You have no hand limit. Item cards can only be used in the owner's turn at specific time. Interrupt card can be used at any time at anyone's turn. All items and interrupts are one use only and hidden information except if noted Permanent (you put permanent items open on the table).

-Your team consists of Blue and Purple Survivor cards. Put them open on the table. You have a maximum of 5 survivors in your team. Whenever you draw more survivor than you can have, shuffle them back to their respective deck. If all players draw survivors in a row without putting them into their team, put the next un-teamed survivor into their respective graveyard.

-All item cards, interrupt cards, and survivor cards, are tradeable, you can trade any one card to any of one other player's card. But you're not allowed to just give a card to other player.

-Each of the players have one secret objective deck. Keep it secret. Please?

How to play:

1.Separate cards into Secret Objective decks, Event deck, Forage deck, Blue Survivor deck. Shuffle each decks.

2.Everyone Start with 1 secret objective, 2 blue survivor and 5 forage in hand each. Everyone pick who's the first player with any way you all like, and the turn move clockwise.

3.Each turn you can choose one of 3 actions.


Draw event card and show/read it to everyone.
-If it's effect card, resolve immediately then discard the card. You don't discard the card before the effect is resolved.
-If it's permanent effect card, resolve the effect and keep it open in front of you.
-If it a choice, well, pick a choice.
-If it's an enemy, you fight. If you win you keep the enemy as a trophy. You may discard any number of trophy to draw the equivalent number of card from the forage deck or blue survivor deck at any time. If you lose you discard the enemy and take damage.


Discard one card from hand to draw a survivor from blue survivor deck or discard one survivor card to draw one card from forage deck..


Harass other player. The harasser pick survivors from his team as ante, then choose another player, then roll a die. If it's 5 or higher, it's a success, with each survivor ante'd after the first increasing the success chance by one. If successful you may choose to either take 1 random card from enemy hand, reduce/take their distance by one, pick 1 survivor from his team (or kill that player if he has no more survivor), or take one of his trophy. If fail, discard all ante'd survivor. A roll of 1 always fails.

What's not considered an action:

-Trading with other players.
-Exchanging trophy cards with items/survivors.
-Using interrupt/use before action items.

Trading: You can trade any cards to any other player anytime.

4.When anyone got 7 distance the game ends. Everyone check secret objective. Whoever completed their secret objective win. There can be multiple winner.

5.When any deck is empty, you don't reshuffle them. You just can't draw from that deck anymore. If the event deck is empty, everyone loses.

How to fight:
Whenever you draw an enemy, you may show a weapon card. If you show a weapon card, the enemy is automatically defeated. Then you check the weapon for breakage by rolling a die. If it's 5 or higher, you keep the weapon, if not, the weapon breaks and you discard it.

Each fight modifier modify this roll, a bonus decrease the weapon's chance of breaking (so +1 modifier means you keep the weapon if you roll 4 or higher) and a penalty increase the weapon's chance of breaking (so -1 penalty means you need to roll 6 to prevent the weapon from breaking). The bonus and penalties are cumulative. A roll of 1 always break the weapon, and if you can't roll a die higher than the penalty, the weapon always break.

If you don't show a weapon card, you're damaged. Discard a number of survivors depending on the enemy's damage (if it's not written, it got 1 damage). If you can't discard any survivor, you're dead and out of the game.

Undefeated enemy is still discarded.

Basically, steps on what happens when you draw enemy card:
-You Draw Enemy Card.
-If you use weapon card, the enemy is defeated and you keep the card. Roll weapon for breakage.
-If you can't use weapon card, discard survivor.
-If you can't discard survivor, you die.
-Undefeated enemy got discarded.

You can give me any comments about the game. You can even comment about what you think from first glance even without playing it, I don't mind :). But some specific questions I have in mind now are:

-How many player would you recommend?
-How many distance point to win would you recommend?
-Do you have any thought about the item distribution? Too many weapons? Too many enemies? Not enough +distance event? etc.
-I've experimented with the amount of cards, this is the amount of cards that I think is both not too many and not too little, for various reasons. But what do you think?
-What do you think about the secret objectives? Too difficult? Too easy? Need to collect less item? I need more ideas about secret objectives.
-Do you think other decks other than event deck shouldn't be reshuffled? Or at least the survivors.
-How long is the game length for you? Is it too long? Too short?
-Do you prefer longer "storytelling" or shorter "Tongue in cheek description" fluffs in cards.

Things to do in the future:
-Current testplayers say that harass action is too risky. Too little to gain with too much risk. Might need to tinker with harass action.
-Current testplayers say that there's need to be more reason to cooperate. Might need to make some events where players need to cooperate.

You can download the files here. Card list. with (placeholder) Images cards Rule

Once again, thanks for checking this thread! If you have any question, feel free to reply here.

I added a page with blank cards in the pdf file, just in case anyone need to print them to write up their own cards.

 Post subject: Re: Seeking playtesters for my card game
PostPosted: Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:14 am 

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