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 Post subject: Dungeon Twister 2: Prison (Non-rules review)
PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:12 pm 
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Not gonna go over the rules here, which can be easily found online.
But I will go over my thoughts of this revamped, beautified version of the game.

Like a lot of other games such as Conflict of Heroes, Memoir '44 and Flying Frog's games,
what Dungeon Twister is trying to offer is not a game, but a system.

And this IS a eurogame for 2 players, in my opinion, as it has no luck whatsoever, in the multiplayer mode at least.

What's different with the original base game, is that some rules have been retouched and components tuned to
give it a more clicked feeling. There are a lot of rules to remember but everything makes so much sense, that sooner than later you won't have to refer to the rulebook too much. Plus it comes with 2 sets of really cool miniatures of 8 figures each which, while unpainted, have one of the best details I have ever seen.

The usual goal of the game is to get your figures (usually four) from your side of the modular game board to your opponent's side. Each figure that reaches the goal will give you one VP, and if you combat an opponent figure and successfully defeat it, it will give you another VP. And that's basically it.
It plays quick, and while can be easily learned by 10 year-olds, it is fairly brain burning. Each move feels like a puzzle where you must optimize your Action Points to get the most result while hindering your opponent. How do you stop your opponents? Well, you can mess up their plans by rotating an area of the board which sometimes would lead your opponent's figures further away from the goal. Why do you think it's called Dungeon Twister?

But what I want to point strongly is the solo mode. It is so masterfully designed that your supposed opponent, the AI, really seem to try to hinder you and kill you while creeping towards the exit. It is one of, if not the most, genius concept for a solitaire game I have ever seen.

And I bet some of you might want to know if it is compatible with the other base game and the many expansions it has. It is. However, none of these games have miniatures with it. So unless you can cannibalize other miniatures from other games, you would have to play along with plastic standups and tokens. Which is a minor issue, however awkward.

But it's 100% certain that future expansions will include miniatures that will fit the Prison base game, with new characters and items to add variety to this already awesome game. In conclusion, if you've been on the edge with Dungeon Twister and not sure whether or not to get it, this is the best time to. Because as far as I'm concerned, this is one of the best dungeon crawler out there that is not trying to be more than what it is.

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