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 Post subject: Rattus
PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 7:45 am 
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gua mau kasih sedikit penjelasan mengenai Rattus. cuma dimaenin sekali di retreat dan yang laennya ga terlalu minat untuk nyoba, kenapa ya?
padahal it's a good strategy game, walaupun medium to light, only 45 minutes, and with some luck juga sih.

so gua coba untuk ulas sedikit mengenai game ini. karna gua bener2 suka sama ini game. dan bukan self denial loh karna punya. justru karna bagus gua beli, bukan karna gua beli jadi bagus :eh:

basically it's an area control, with action selection role ala puerto rico.
the goal of the game is to try to put as many cubes which represent your own population onto the board. later during the game cubes2 tersebut akan terbunuh/hilang akibat dari rat plague. at the end of the game whoever has the most cubes on the board wins the game. as simple as that!

this is the board:


so what you do in a turn is to first take any action card and do it's ability but using the ability is optional. then you take your cube/s from the supply and add it/them to the board in any region you like. how many cubes you can place depends on how many rat tokens are in any one region. if there are two than you can add two cubes and so on. these two actions can be done in any order you like.

then the 3rd action, which is mandatory is to move the plague token to any adjacent region. if there is rat tokens in the new region it moves to, then the active player spread more rat tokens to adjacent regions anywhere he likes. if there is no rat tokens than nothing happens. after that if the new region has rat token and at least one population cube in it then the rat plague begins. the active player will flip open the rat token one by one.

for example this is one of the rat token flipped open:

with this token it means when it fliped open if there is 1 or more population in the region then this rat token is in effect. otherwise you just remove it from the board. the bottom symbol means who ever owns the action card with the symbols during the turn will loose 1 of his cube from the region.

then the turn is over, lanjut ke player berikutnya.

now the unique thing about the game to me is the action selection roles. the game comes with 6 thick cardboard action cards. very nice component. so just like puerto rico you lay them out next to the board side by side.


tapi yang uniknya untuk setiap action card yang lu ambil kartunya akan stay terus di lu sampe seterusnya sampe ada orang laen yang ambil kartu action tersebut. that's the only way to get rid of them. so, selama lu masih ada kartu tersebut, during your turn you can keep using the special ability. and yes each turn you can then take another action card if you wish so. that means dalam satu turn lu bisa ada beberapa action card dan lu bisa jalanin abilitinya semua sampai orang laen rebut dari lu. quite nice? well that's the advantage of having many action cards. but the downside to that is, when you have more than one action cards at a time you are prone to more cubes damage done by the rat tokens.

and here's the special abilities of each card from left to right. symbolnya cukup self explanatory.
1. The Knight (class = Chivalry) : move the rat plague token two spaces intsead of one.
2. The Merchant (class = Bourgeoisie) : move up to 3 cubes from one region to another adjacent.
3. The King (class = Royalty) : move on cube from any one region that does not have rat tokens to the castle.any cubes in the castle cannot be killed.
4. The Peasant (class = Peasantry) : add one additional cube.
5. The Monk (class = Church) : move one rat token to an adjacent area.
6. The Witch (class = Magic) : can see 2 rat tokens and switch them if he wants to.

and that's it about the game. very simple and fast game. bagi yang ga suka luck mungkin akan sedikit annoyed, karna luck dari rat tokennya. dan karna ada kombinasi dari action selection card yang kita ambil dan bisa lebih dari satu, ada sedikit elemen push your luck.
i consider this a medium filler strategy game. KEREN.

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